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Web Development, We Design Your Web House of the Future

Does the term “web house” sound funny to you?  It shouldn’t, because that is exactly how you need to think about your property on the web.  From start to finish, we can pick premium URLs, design a website or landing page in keeping with your brand and you guessed it, provide SEO.

You would be surprised how many million dollar companies have cheap, template websites.  Overwhelmingly, we get contacted by a health company for public relations and we cannot move forward with their request because of an insufficient, censored website.

By contrast, you can contact any other PR company and they will fulfill your request, but what does that mean?  Piling PR on top of a bad website (foundation) that is censored is going to hurt your ROI exponentially.  First things first!  Sometimes you need to back track and do a “relaunch” and that is perfectly ok, because we’ve got you covered!

Two years ago, when we were the PR firm, Michigan Health Star, it became absolutely clear that we needed to provide complete web development services.  We joined with a web designer and started to create beautiful websites and found out we also have an uncanny knack for picking out URLs and designing logos!

Here are some samples but before to check out our comprehensive portfolio of all the companies we have worked with.

Landing Pages

landing page

Landing pages are one page websites that use widgets to add information.  They work great for medical companies, doctors, anyone that needs to develop property on the web, without e-commerce.

In this example, we worked with both of Theresienol’s brands.  The MD brand, above, was for their medical line, sold only to doctors.  They needed a clean innovative landing page, that was precise, short and sweet.

We also designed an updated logo to use for branding on social media and as a favicon.

We created over 50 different social media memes, 3 different categories and keywords for both of their brands.

Keeping branding: tight, monitored, precise and relevant is just one of our many specialties accrued from working in this industry for over 15 years!

Landing pages take 3-4 weeks to create.


Theresienol website

In contrast, Theresienol’s cosmetic line, sold to the public, needed a comprehensive and trendy, e-commerce website.  This takes longer to create, 6 to 8 weeks.

Theresienol wanted something to convey the new rose otto in their oil and the beauty of the region in Austria where it’s from- that’s exactly what we designed and gave them.

Theresienol, the cosmetic brand, also had social media memes and a new logo, to relaunch their brand which was previous an MLM.

This interactive website was meticulously designed with interactive fusion through WordPress Avada. Whether you need a landing page, a website or an SEO tune up- we have the ideation and know how to make your brand both memorable and lucrative.

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