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Today the term “green” has become a gimmick, like the word “natural”
Health Media Star, validates and ensures the companies it represents are truly
working towards sustainability and a healthier environment.

If you are a company that is making a positive impact in the environment, here is a partial list of just some of the benefits we can offer your business, contact us to see if your company meets our criteria, today:

Connecting companies with major industry leaders, providing advanced networks.

  • Creating and promoting through press releases to major news networks.

  • Offering 100% censorship free multi-media marketing (keep in mind that Google, Facebook and other Social Media outlets algorithms censor most health information and articles.)

  • Interviews, stories, research and videos and non-compete clauses for our sponsorship campaigns.

  • Live reviews, private or public sponsorship packages and web wide reviews across Social Media.

  • Comprehensive SEO, top page of Google and search engine placement, multi-city pop up.

  • Health Star Media takes every effort and consideration into differentiating true sustainable companies and companies that are simply “faking it.”  With the term going “green” losing it’s impact in the sea of trendy buzzwords such as “natural” and “healthy,” Health Star Media takes a powerful stand.  We only represent companies that are truly taking steps towards environmental change.  Sustainability is the key to succeeding in the modern business world.  Greenwashing, or tricking the public into thinking is more sustainable than what it truly is, is becoming less tolerated and the companies that are being exposed as “greenwashers” are losing money and respect from health savvy customers.  Companies cannot afford to base their bottom line on tricking the public.  Take a look at these new statistics:

    “A study of 4,000 “eco-friendly” consumer products found that 98% of them make false or misleading claims. The study, presented to Congress by the environmental consulting firm TerraChoice, found rampant “greenwashing” in every product category. 22% of the products that featured an environmental badge, or “green label,” was actually meaningless.”  – The Organic Consumers Assoc.

    Sustainability has a lot to do with transparency, not only in the public reporting of finances, but also in how the company manages environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices. For instance, regulatory bodies across Europe and Asia are beginning to require more ESG transparency from the businesses they oversee.

    Regulatory requirements aside, sustainable business also means money in the bank. Today, investors’ decisions are more likely than ever to be swayed by those companies that value the tenets of sustainable business. As reported in Eco-Business, between 2012 and 2014, money managers became 3.4 times more likely to select a business that factored ESG principles into its corporate direction. Read more about what your company can do to be more sustainable here.

    Here are some of our criteria:

    • Going paperless, reducing carbon imprint.

    • Improving water, air and land quality in the work place and community.

    • Choosing healthier lighting solutions, taking a stand against harmful fluorescent lighting.

    • Recycling, reduce natural resource consumption.

    • Embed sustainability in corporate culture.

    • Using innovative green products.

    Introducing Our Featured “Green” Businesses

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