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The last five years has been particularly a set back for the allopathic medical community, the old ways of sweeping valid medical issues and concerns under the rug has taken a toll.  Many patients have lost trust in the American medical system and are leaving the medical community all together and putting themselves and their families in danger.  The medical community continues to lose huge segments of their sector that were not adequately informed of pharmaceutical side-effects, device dangers and/or procedural complications.

In contrast to this, the natural health community is experiencing the benefits of the medical backlash. With so many distrustful health consumers, now blindly clinging to “natural health” ideologies, they are in danger of falling prey to unethical health gimmicks, ineffective wellness protocols and unregulated, deceptive marketing labels (see our product page).

Medical Ethics

Truly integrative health care holds all practitioners to the same ethical standards.

Health Media Star acts as a health buffer, offering an olive branch to health consumers and patients from the medical community, to come back and have a new and better health experience.  Promoting medical doctors that practice outstanding medical ethics, uncompromising patient care and progressive techniques, is what makes HMS’s work so unique and so important.

…and by holding alternative and natural health practitioners to the same rigorous level of ethics and protection, we are creating a true wellness web community for patients who’s bottom line is trust.

Some of Health Media Star’s Guidelines for Practitioners:

  • Absolutely NO MLM policy for doctors and wellness sector.

  • How integrative and progressive their personal views are.

  • Thorough review of the practitioner and what companies they represent.

  • Adherence to the Hippocratic Oath

  • Reputation and marketing presentation without gimmicks, misleading claims, bullying tactics and/or victim blaming.

  • A demonstrative level of compassion and understanding.

Truly integrative, Health Media Star, has stringent standards and takes on each practitioner on an individual basis, properly vetting them and making sure they uphold the highest ethics.  Doctors and practitioners that are verified benefit from our unique censorship free PR SEO business launch platform.

If you are one of these outstanding healthcare practitioners and want to be recognized for your hard-work, commitment and progressive practice, contact Health Star Media to apply for consideration.