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Social Media is truly where Health Media Star shines….

When we started out as a PR company, we added web development simply because most businesses that contacted us, whether large or small were censored.  But, not too long after that we realized health social media was problematic for most companies.

This is because:

  • Content, while informative, is too stagnant and uninteresting.

  • Companies don’t understand the social media needs for their company and hire the wrong social media management for their brand platform.

  • Fear and apprehension of ruining credibility rather than building it.

Have no fear, HMS Social Media is here….!

Health Media Star creates fresh, innovative and eye-catching web and social media designs.

Whether you’re a start-up or a company that has been in business and needs a rebrand, HMS will develop unique designs reflective to your brand & target Audience.

Social Media IS Brand Management

Here is a company that has two brands, one for medical professionals and one for the general public.

social media design

HMS designed 100 social media designs for Theresienol

For their cosmetic line, we created a new logo/flavcon, and branding design that are categorized specific days, keywords and brand information.  Designs are congruent and flow nicely with their message and brand colors.  100 were made.

This companies tagline: The same miracle formula, yesterday and today- is a focus that we weave throughout their platform.

They can be used along with a similar template, we also create for companies to add their own photos on certain days for a personal feel.

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