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The search for the fountain of youth is real. I feel it myself, approaching my mid-forties, I have always been complimented for my skin and now I see in the mirror lines and changes. More than that, I feel older. Lately, I have found out about something I call the “40 year hang over.” This happens when I only have one or two glasses of wine and lo and behold, by around 9pm my head starts to hurt. I process food differently, I metabolize differently. There is a lot to be said about aging gracefully, I like to say, aging healthfully.

On the skincare front, there is only so much we can do on the outside. I eat a high fat diet so that has always been an aging saving grace. With that in mind and because I am a naturopath and wrote a book on skincare, I have always been critical of expensive creams and subpar serums that make outlandish claims.

A few months a go, I received a gift of Austrian serum called Theresienol and oddly, one of the first benefits I noticed was no need for make-up! This is strange for me as I have been wearing cosmetics religiously since I was 13, based formerly on insecurity and more and more over the years out of what I felt was necessity. It has become extremely liberating for me and surprising for those around me.

As a health media company, with stringent truth in labeling standards, we have never formally endorsed a skincare company. With so many out there you may wonder why. Well, it’s not rocket science. The cosmetic industry is wrought full of false claims, empty wording and misleading ingredients. With our no MLM policy and vetting process, we haven’t found a company we could believe in or put our name behind until now.

Theresienol is a 650 year old formula passed down from the women, one generation at time. In recent years Theresienol received international notoriety when the oil was blessed by the Pope and a flask of this incredible oil was placed in the Vatican, where it still stands to this day!

We are also launching the Theresienol MD line, which has been clinically tested in European hospitals for many years. The MD formula includes lanolin, treats minor burns, scars, cuts and wounds and is available for medical professionals only.

Health Media Star is excited to launch both of these exclusive Austrian formulas in the United States, they are truly in a health and anti-aging class of it’s own.

Whether it’s the MD line for medical professionals that offers inclusive lanolin for burns, cuts, and wounds or the personal skincare Theresienol line for the general public. This impressive and powerful serum, dubbed “The Austrian Miracle” does exactly what it says it does.

Would like to learn more about this therapeutic oil? Check our links below!

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Founder of Michigan Health Star / Media Star divisions of Health Star Media, LLC. Aurore Henze has worked in both the natural health and medical community for over 20 years. She has written 6 books on body mind health, has been published in highly respected media sources and is a national spokesperson for natural pain relief methods, partnering with Judge Linda Davis of FAN, local government and the White House. Aurore Henze has fought for higher standards in health care and is highly respected in both industries. She is currently working on her non-profit the Medical Human Rights Association, to help victims of medical ethic violations and promote trust-worthy and progressive doctors and surgeons. Because of her vast network of industry movers and shakers coupled with her comprehensive knowledge and experience- she is leading the fight and remains a powerful force in national and global healthcare, second only to the Organic Consumers Association.

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