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SEO is the Secret Sauce

Did You know search engines censor up to 60% of health products and companies..Even with PAID advertising?

With our proven organic SEO PR approach, you get to the top of Google and we even offer a censorship free guarantee!

  • 1 Month Your Company Climbs Google…

  • 3 months your companies web imprint and PR has far surpassed your competitors

  • 6 months, your brand is solid, your competition is edged out & you are easily found…and keeps growing!

SEO business developmentThe Run Around

Take a look at what we call, the business run around.  Most companies start off running in all directions, frantically.

They invest money either in the right areas at the wrong time or in the wrong areas at the right time.

The BLT= business launch trinity. 

secret BLT

This means we do everything in the right order, together.

Essentially this is web development, social media and PR and what sews them together?  SEO.  SEO is the “secret sauce” that goes into everything we do.  You don’t need a separate SEO firm, that doesn’t understand health media and the specific algorithms and needs.

Amazing SEO results in only 1 month!

Amazing SEO results in only 1 month!

We work along with other SEO, web development companies and social media companies- easily!  As a consultant, we will make suggestions as to what should be added or deleted for health media algorithms.

However, we cannot offer the guarantee unless your company signs up for the complete BLT package.  Please, check our FAQ page for clarification.

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