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Public Relations are the Foundation of Health Media Star

CEO of Health Media Star is a published author and has been writing for major news outlets for over 15 years (Bio).  She handles all content personally and has a meticulous gift for presenting the highlights of your product and company in a worthy and powerful way that will eliminate your competition.

With HMS’s extensive contacts to major: news networks, influencers, business and celebrity connections, be prepared to truly shine and grow your company and experience ROI in your campaign, brand and image.

Health Media Star articles

HMS founder writes article for major press

We get our companies to the top of Google with our outstanding PR SEO build platform.

Amazing SEO results in only 1 month!

The top Amazon supplement company Natrica received a 683% increase in traffic after only one month of working with us.  Here’s what owner Ryan Doheny from Los Angeles had to say:

“Health Media Star is an invaluable resource for third party promotions and business development for the healthcare industry.” 

 ~Ryan Doheny, CEO of Axia Essentials, Natrica Supplements,  Los Angeles, CA 

Here at Health Media Star, we offer what other PR firms cannot.

These are some of the main differences between HMS and competitors:

  • A censorship free platform *

  • NO MLM policy

  • Endorsements and contracts, only for ethical companies

  • Top of Google, specific healthcare SEO

What’s a Censorship Free Platform?

Did you know healthcare information is censored up to 60% on-line, and that is with paid advertising! Shocking right?  But it doesn’t have to be, HMS is a full service, complete business development firm, specifically for healthcare companies.  This means, we get to the core reason as to why your company is censored and then we fix it!  You can trust HMS to provide you with quality service from start to finish.

I’m a Health Company that Needs PR- What Do I Do?

Health Media Star

Aurore Henze ND, CEO Health Media Star

A lot of health companies come to us for PR, not realizing that their web imprint is severely hampered.  This means they are not ready for PR yet. We look at algorithms and SEO and then we put together a program that takes care of all of their business needs, this is our secret to success and how we get companies over and over again- to the top of Google, edge out their competition and out of censorship.  Before we start PR for a company, that may mean, doing these things first:

  • Working with the web developer on the site or doing it ourselves (SEO).^

  • Writing interesting and compelling content for the site and SM.

  • Updating and / or creating social media: categorization, content, design.

  • Creating websites and landing pages.

Is your company ready to experience the Health Star advantage and take advantage of these benefits?

Click here to find out more about our businesses, policies for products, and FAQ

^ Only companies that hire us to do the entire Web / SM / PR package can get our 0% censorship, read more in FAQ.

Small Businesses, We Are Here to Help!

As part of our ongoing commitment to support ethical start-ups and existing businesses, we have expanded our popular small business program.  Once you join this program at 20% off, you will also receive discounts on other needed services, should you need them- at a 20% discount.  We only offer 5 of these a year and it must be paid in full up front.

Small Business SEO PR Program Includes:

  • Web Imprint Assessment 
  • 3 SEO PR Articles, connected in network 
  • 2 SEO PR Videos- to get you to the top of Google, quickly!
  • Cross connect and republish on several major SEO ranking platforms 
  • Endorsements and Reviews
  • A Year Long of Social Media Promo on our platform, with 3 meme posts that we design for you and give you to reuse!
  • 2 geo-specific city pop-ups, 2 categories and up to 3 powerful influencer, network connects.

This program is ONLY available in network, that means, when we create a new SEO network on our site we offer a certain number of these small business programs to companies that need validity and connection to bigger companies and categories in like.

This program is PRICELESS to businesses that need more recognition and increased ROI, you cannot afford not to have this program but the cost is only:


Our normal fee for this program is $1,200 a month for 3 months, you enjoy a savings of $600!


Ethical Businesses Have NO Competition!

Because of the value of this program we have very strict guidelines for businesses, we reserve the right:

  1. To cancel at any time: if a business is not complying with our contract, requests and ethical guidelines.

  2. Once we begin work on this project, there are no refunds or exchanges

  These are just a few press articles written by Aurore Henze, Founder of HMS…

Our basic PR package includes two videos to be placed in your social media, website and on ours as well.  We can also actively promote them for you. These have over 1k views in just one month!

Health Media Star’s SEO PR expertise can get companies to the top of Google, often within 24-48 hours.  Once you pay the Health Star verification retainer, we go to work for you!  We make a SEO placement video for you that has two important functions:

  • To get you to the top of Google immediately.

  • To help us monitor your web/SEO imprint while we work with your brand.

Health Media Star has gotten many companies to the top of Google within 24 hours, here are just a few!

No one knows Health Media, Design and PR development like Health Media Star,

Find out more on our FAQ page and contact us today for a quote!

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