Spring 2019: Digestion, Beauty and Focus Supplements

Every week, we receive requests from supplement companies for Health Star certification. We start by researching web imprints, ingredients, business by-laws and brand reputation.  From that, we offer our top four favorite supplements for Spring that help with digestion, beauty and better focus.

Natrica Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes: I follow an ayurvedic diet, so I always felt like I didn’t need this type of supplementation. When I fell last year and injured my pelvis, that changed. In pain, I started looking for more natural solutions.  I was also dealing with chronic nausea after my Mother passed in 2018.  I either didn’t want to eat or when I did eat, I felt sick.  Natrica’s probiotic blend has helped with both the pain and nausea.  I actually paired their enzymes with their turmeric supplement.  Combined with a magnet, that managed my pain very well (north side of a magnet, twice a day for one hour. More information in my book Beyond Natural Cures). 

Theresienol supplement:  We had the honor to work with Theresienol USA in 2018. We helped them with some rebranding strategies for the American market.  Theresienol is a Swiss formula passed down from mother to daughter for over 650 years.  We were thrilled about the skincare line, but even more so to find out they have a supplement line coming out.  We were sent a sample a few months back. My face looked visibly fresher, hydrated and younger. I also felt good while taking it, as my hair and skin were glowing.  I believe it would be paired favorably with the following skin supplement.

Maxi-Skin Vitamins by Country Life: Clinically tested Verisol (bio-active collagen peptide) shows an increase of skin collagen by 60% and a reduction of eye wrinkles. Well, that’s exactly what we found as well.  I saw a visible difference in a few short weeks.  I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, but I am 44 years old and I am very aware of positive and negative changes in my skin.  Sometimes, after a good cry, I look like I aged an additional 10 years!  With that said, Maxi-Skin, in my opinion is the real deal and worth a try.

Stress Relief by Holy Grail: Relating this to my stressful year in 2018, with the passing of a loved one and other stresses, I found myself unable to concentrate on work or day to day activities.  Besides the nausea, as I already mentioned: I was shaking, suffering from insomnia and felt out of myself.  I have to say I felt incredible on this product and it got me through a difficult time until I felt like myself again. Holy Grail is a division of the supplement line Natrica. It’s a super food hemp oil product infused with DHM.  This helped me focus more clearly as well, I can’t help but think how many children struggling with ADD, ADHD and autism would benefit from this as well. (please see this article for the entire story of how I treated my anxiety and depression after loss).

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