CBD Helped Psoriasis and Bruising

CBD helped psoriasis and bruising … miracles happen!

As a naturopath that specialized in skincare for many years and have even written a book on subject, I am careful about endorsing cosmetic companies. This is because the cosmetic skincare industry is one of the most unethical business segments when it comes to truth in labeling.

Unscrupulous companies know that low quality ingredients with only one sub standard organic ingredient can easily dupe the public and bring profits and they do! That’s where we come in, my company, Health Media Star, verifies organic testing and labeling, ingredients, the brand persona and business ethics. You would be surprised how many cosmetic companies contact us in this segment per week, yet we average one or two endorsements a year in this category.

Right now we are sampling out an organic CBD companies.  One product I have become fond of is the CBD salve and CBD facial mask. I had a facial injury and was using it for pain relief.

I eat a high fat diet and rely on local raw milk and raw eggs as my anti-aging secret, but as I move closer to 50, I have begun to appreciate external treatments more and more. 

The cosmetic industry and CBD are both flooded with unethical marketing and business practices.  It would seem mixing CBD and cosmetics together, would be a recipe for disaster after what I have formerly explained about both. That is also the reason why a quality organic CBD line can effectively corner the market. Besides using CBD salve for pain, which worked by the way, using the salve daily as a face cream once a day for two weeks made my skin noticeably hydrated and smoother. I have also been using a Clairsonic 3 times a week as well, alongside a handheld chroma-therapy machine for the last ten years. I see the puffiness on my face in the morning diminishing.

Healed My Psoriasis

Psoriasis helped by CBD

CBD helped psoriasis

Another benefit I found with this salve, is regarding psoriasis on my lower lip. I developed this when I was in high school and have had to be extremely careful with what I use on my lips. This is one of the chief reasons that led me to search out organic make-up in my twenties. That wasn’t easy in 2001!  But regardless of what I use it’s always an issue. I’ve been using the salve 3x a day on my lips and it’s made my lips I would say. I do notice when I don’t use it, it comes back immediately. Therefore, I hope with continued use it will go away completely. I have to say, as someone that has tried everything for 25 years, I was shocked that it cleared something chronic up and did not in any way expect that.

 Stopped My Bruising

When my close friend gave me facial filler as my 44th birthday gift, I was nervous and a

No bruising with CBD

CBD stopped bruising for filler

bit apprehensive. Part of me was curious what this trend was really about and since she was using hyaluronic acid, that made me feel at ease. She only gave me half a syringe around my lip area as she is meticulous about keeping it natural and it really was! The only issue I had was recovery, the pain was quite excruciating the first evening. This is where the salve came in handy. I was told by everyone of the down time and bruising and this is what scared me. I was warned by friends, “lips bruise bad.” I knew to take arnica after but at this point, everyone I know does as well, so I also used the CBD salve. Unbelievably, I never bruised, and I cleared the first 48 hours and was out and about the day after. My friend also has a gentle and incredible technique.

CBD quick healing

For more information on skincare recipes are in my second Beyond Natural Cures book, “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weight Loss.”

Aurore Henze, is an author, naturopath and owner of Health Media Star, a national PR agency that only endorses ethical health companies that meet strict truth in labeling standards.

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