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  • Over 8Ok Health Target Audience Base!
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  • SEO,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Video
  • Copywriting 
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Our Unique Business Model

Health information is the most censored search on the internet.  Health Star certified sponsors have the unique opportunity to choose from our censorship free: PR, web design, social media and SEO packages that are a quarter of the price of other media companies.

What’s the Catch?

The catch is, we want “good” companies to succeed and be just as searchable, accessible and appreciated as bigger companies that may have the funds but not the powerful Health Star certification.

Health Media Star,  practices conscious capitalism – that’s the core of our program and why we do what we do.

Our packages are priced affordably because we want your company to succeed and whether its a start up or a large long standing corporation, your company deserves to be in the spot light.  That’s because we want the public to know about our sponsors that have these important qualities, that up until now- were difficult to find and got lost in the What are these qualities?  Glad you asked!

  • Truth in labeling

  • Honest employee hiring practices

  • Non-deceptive advertising practices

  • Verified, TRANSPARENT research

  • Must fall under: Medical, Organic, Sustainable, Green

  • Doctors and health practitioners that honor the Hippocratic Oath

  • No MLMs or network marketing platforms.

If you think your company has these stellar qualities, contact us about starting the verification process!



Health Media Star has promoted and launched a wide range of ethical companies and practitioners.

Did you know we also cover events?  We have a variety of PR event packages!

Doctors & Practitioners:

  • Dr. Chengelis– Chief of Laparoscopic Surgery at Beaumont Royal Oak, MI
  • Dr. Lu- Jean Feng – Medical Director, Medical Doctor and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, Georgia
  • Dr. Kirby Perrault– Chiropractor, Mid-Michigan, Okemos Family Chiropractic, Okemos, MI
  • Dr. Joe Ales– Optometrist, Birmingham, MI
  • Dr. Philip Hoekstra– Medical Doctor, Thermographer, Birmingham, MI
  • Dr. Ahmed– Medical Doctor, Michigan Ozone Center, Farmington Hills, MI
  • Dr. Lichten– Medical Doctor, Gastro-Intestinal Specialist
  • Dr. Masri– Medical Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, Stem Cell Facial Specialist, Birmingham, MI
  • Dr. Zina Salem– Board Certified Psychologist, Troy, MI
  • Dr. Jonathan Glass– Acupuncturist, Healing Essence Center, Massachusetts
  • Dr. Daniel Judge– Chiropractor, Birmingham, MI

Healthy, Progressive & Sustainable Businesses:

  • Atlas Copco– International Tool Company, Sweden/Auburn Hills, MI
  • Bill Dobreff– Attorney, Mount Clemens, MI
  • Judge Linda Davis– Macomb County Judge, CEO of FAN
  • Foundations Recovery– National Addiction Recovery Rehab Center
  • True Rest Detroit– Sensory Deprivation, Farmington Hills, MI
  • Tricho Salon– National Franchise, Organic Spa, Novi, MI
  • Enviro-Klenz– Air Purification, Florida
  • Theresienol– American Distribution- Soll, Austria
  • Theresienol MD– American Distribution, Hospitals- Soll, Austria
  • Axia Digestion Supplements– Los Angeles, CA


  • Vitalize– Organic Health Store, Ocala, FL
  • Grain Train– Organic Grocery Store, Co-Op- Petoskey, MI
  • Gypsy Vodka– Gluten Free, Organic Gin.
  • La Strada– Restaurant, Birmingham, MI
  • Selle e Mosca– Wine, Italy
  • East River Organic Farm– Oxford, MI
  • Lavender Hills– Organic Farm, Charlevoix, MI
  • Loya Organic– Organic Restaurant, West Bloomfield, MI
  • Harwood Gold– Organic Restaurant, Cafe, Charlevoix, MI

Charity Events, Political Events & Expos

  • Ladies of Charity Event, Neiman Marcus, Troy, MI- November, 2018- 600 in attendance- 2018
  • End Human Trafficking Event– Yearly- Troy, MI, worked with Eli Zaret – Yearly
  • Senator Knollenburg’s Welcome the Michigan Governor Event- Feb. 2018
  • Breast Cancer Awareness, Women’s Event, with Secretary of State Ruth Johnson- Nov. 2016
  • EDGE Detroit Promo– Stop the Exploitation of College and Professional Athletes- Detroit 2017
  • Campaign Aid and Events for Congress Woman Candidate, Lena Epstein- 2018



Experience matters. HMS founder and CEO, Aurore Henze has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years.

Check out these incredible qualifications:

  1. 2 years in Allopathic Nursing: pediatrics & hematology and oncology, Detroit
  2. 15 years in Naturopathy: private practice, Ann Arbor
  3. Investigative Health Journalist, Health Column Writer: Oakland County
  4. Michigan Health Star Show Host: Youtube
  5. Radio Show Host: Beyond Natural Cures, Cave Radio
  6. Public SpeakerPolitical Health Activist: National, Michigan Governor Snyder, Senator Knollenberg
  7. Author of 2 Books on Ethical Healthcare: Beyond Natural Cures
  8. Founder of the Medical Human Rights Association: soon to be non-profit
  9. Professional Networking: EDGE Detroit, BNI, Chambers, National and Local

Dr. Aurore has worked tirelessly to raise the standard of health care and sustainability in the United States for over 20 years.  Simply, no one else in this field has effectively infiltrated, helped, changed and connected so many people in the healthcare field as she has.  She can connect your company to others as in B2B and also connect you to individuals to get you where you need to go.  She also understands the diversity and intricacies of both medical allopathy and naturopathic wellness protocols and can effectively market and promote your company to target audiences in targeted areas.

Work with someone you can trust and who knows your business and health platform, inside out.


Dr. Aurore’s national and local expertise and long term media platform makes her endorsement and Health Star certification as valuable as gold for your business.  The endorsement process starts with your $500 retainer.  First, we verify and check your qualifications.  Then, for immediate results, we place a SEO placement video that we make for your business so that we can monitor your progress throughout your sponsorship. PR sponsorships last three months but don’t forget we also can design your social media and website, to make sure nothing stands in your way to reaching the top!


HMS works with a team of excellent designers, which includes Dr. Aurore in each step of the process to make sure your brand and your message is clear and in keeping with your practice and product.  Whether its website and landing page design, complete social media campaigns or even logos, the preciseness and creativity of your personal unique campaign is simply incomparable. You are involved every step of the way and we make ourselves available to you to make sure everything is just right. The first month of your campaign creates a stellar and powerful look to your web audience.  But, we are just getting started!

03. BUILD.

Whether you are relaunching a business more successfully on the web or your are a start up, Health Media Star’s building campaign is like no other in the United States.  Building is where we shine, when your personalized campaign is endorsed and designed you are ready for the next phase- building.  We start creating your web imprint with endorsements, reviews, articles, videos, press releases, social media shout outs and more.  Our specific and secret organic campaign process gets your campaign across the web on multi-media platforms and without censorship!


In this stage of your campaign, at the third month, you are ready to build your network.  This is important for SEO and business development.  We connect you with other non-competitive businesses in the same field. HMS uses our media hub to provide intricate SEO placement and other key SEO sites around the web, to build your company, along with theirs.  By building these powerful, REAL links throughout the internet, we create another, sure fire, safeguard to make sure your company gets seen, uncensored and in front of the right people.


At the end of the third month you are ready to launch.  We make an official announcement for you, provide press releases, articles and videos that we have been working on together across the web, we move your campaign from our media hub into the world. We saturate the internet with your multi-media campaign.  Also, as an official Health Star sponsor, you have the opportunity to renew every year for only $500 and with that you have updated SEO on our hub and revolving promotions on our social media specifically for your company.  We verify and certify your company every year, making sure your brand continues to build trust and excitement to your consumers and clients.


Is your website ready and SEO compliant?  Is your social media, absolutely awe inspiring?  We make sure everything is ready for you so your company gets the highest possible ROI with target audience and target city placements.  You are now ready to move into maintenance with your brand.  HMS offers affordable monthly rates to maintain your website or landing page and social media.  With our effective social media excel revolving platform, we can upload, create and maintain extended media for you- for years to come.  Keep in mind, we just don’t have the capabilities to promote you on our platforms but yours as well. You can relax as we comment, connect and post for you, while your business and audience reach grows. Check our numbers and statistics in our sponsor package and skills section.

Ask for a sponsor package today and let’s get started, in a few months you can dominate the web and edge out your competition!




If you understand how difficult health media is to promote than you understand how phenomenal these numbers are and the tremendous ROI potential they mean for your business and investment.
We have over
15k followers on our websites including YouTube
27k outreach on Facebook, 11k followers on accounts
11k on Followers on Twitter
7k views on Linkedin, 8k followers!

Over 8Ok pinpoint target audience and with our new podcast/show arrival: 200k!

Health consumers are savvy consumers, they buy brands they TRUST…..

Get your business VERIFIED & SEEN….



HMS works with you to get you to the top.

We have the ability to take over and relaunch completely and also work with your SEO company and web developer. Keep in mind, during our certification process we can find bad back links or broken links, unethical SEO can ruin your Google rating and reputation on the web!  We present you with our findings and give you many affordable and personalized options to chose from.  Because of our ethical platform, you don’t have to worry about us stuffing your site with a bunch of fake companies and links that will initially boost your SEO to impress you but will get punished by search engines and demoted within a few months.




Our customers become life long friends and connections, most of our business comes through quality referrals from other happy clients.


“Health Media Star’s walk through video at one of our salons, got over 1k views in the first month and generated a great return of investment.”

Sheryl Roth


“Health Media Star was able to solve major website issues, have us pop up in four major cities and get us to the top of google in a few days.”

Dr. Kirby Perrault


“Health Media Star is an invaluable resource for third party promotions and business development for the healthcare industry.”

Ryan Doheny, CEO of Axia Essentials




As a national company that also specializes in American Distribution, you can feel confident that we will handle your account with utmost care and understanding.  We accompany our sponsors across the country, to events, interviews and we film on site!