American Pain Fighting Winner: Cleveland Clinic

Health Media Star has been building a pain fighting network across the country,

by working with FAN and the medical community to apply anti-opiate recommendations.  This platform has been four years in the making.

fight the pain with health media star

While we would like to focus on prevention and minimizing in areas to fight pain such as: allergy/histamine relief, cold laser therapy, dietary changes and even holistic therapies that include magnets, ozone and acupuncture, the most powerful changes have come through the marijuana platform and CBD and for that we have been grateful for but there is still much more to do.

Dr. Rosenquist is the Chairman of the Pain Management department of the Cleveland Clinic.  What we have seen from his work is a strong commitment to education and innovation in this area.  Dr. Rosenquist has been in pain management for over 30 years and teaches thoroughness in the doctor / patient relationship by reassuring patient’s that self-care and time are part of the pain management process.  He states that as doctors:

“We have to listen, we have to educate and we have to change expectations about pain.”

Because nearly 80% of people currently using heroin (addiction) started out on an opioid prescription, Dr Rosenquist believes it’s imperative to curb this by reducing the number of prescriptions to get it under control.   I like this talk because from this premise, we must understand that unless we open our minds and work collectively on this crisis- we are really just spinning our wheels and passing the buck.  In this case, passing the buck should be no longer an option with the latest overdose death projections at 90k within the near future.

Dr. Rosenquist is reaching out to physicians and helping to make these needed changes by highlighting upcoming pain treatments and physicians that are implementing those treatments.

Some of these highlights are Dr. Jianguo Cheng’s work in radio-frequency ablation, Dr. Shrif Costandi’s work in cancer pain relief, Dr. Robert Bolash’s work in hormones, opioids and pain and Dr. Teresa Dews work on treating pain with a healthy lifestyle.

Check back with us as we update you on these incredible physician’s work in this important area.

and thank you Dr. Rosenquist.


Rosenquist, R. W. (2017). In the Epicenter of the Opioid Crisis. 
    Cleveland Clinic Pain Consult, 1–15.
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