Hemp and CBD: The Importance is Quality

In 2007, the Organic Consumer’s Association published a pro-hemp article indicating most crop production was organic.^ That also means better quality for both hemp and CBD products.

Fast forward, 2019, after marijuana legalization in many parts of the country and federal restriction lifts on hemp. The market is now saturated with these products.  With choices also comes confusion and exploitation.

hemp hero

Healing Hero: Hemp

What’s so great about hemp anyway?

The hemp seed is an incredible source of protein, omega 6 and 3 EFAs and vitamin E, remember the good fats?  I have even included it in my daily oil supplementation, switching out flax-seed for hemp oil.  Truth in labeling violations exist just like any food trend in the free market. Hence, the reason for my work and the organic consumers organization.  While the OCA is a non-profit that tracks the organic food industry and alerts consumers, Health Media Star is a platform for ethical health companies.  HMS allows companies to showcase their work and products competitively.  In an industry that uses dangerous and deceptive tactics to sell false health promises, Health Star companies are recognized for quality and honesty (click here for our recommended supplements for spring 2019).

Enter Hemp 2018…

Senate Bill 52  resulted in the freedom floodgates opening for hemp.  For information on manufacturing, we spoke to an organic hemp oil company, Natrica, the biggest natural store on Amazon. Here’s what CEO, Ryan Doheny, had to say, “Cannabinoid profiling is the main test for purity and potency but there are many tests.  Solvents used in extraction and pesticides used on the plant are a huge concern for consumers and rightfully so.  The FDA has yet to set limits, so regulations are at State level only right now, making sure each test we use applies to each state is important.  California and Massachusetts have the highest standards right now, we test and retest for compliance on every level. These products are used for health, so likewise, they should be healthy.”

Organic Labeling in Hemp is Important

When it comes to higher priced items, some consumer’s like to skimp on organics.  They think, “Wow, one half of an ounce, $60!  I don’t need organic this time.”  Well, in this case you really do. Hemp is a bioremediatory, meaning anything in that the roots of the plants touch will be absorbed in the plant.  Four of the major hemp contaminants are: arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Therefore, in this case, it’s better safe than sorry- quality is the defining difference for hemp and CBD products.

Health Media Star’s Opinion:

Above all, we have been happy with the research and certification’s with Natrica’s hemp line of Holy Grail.

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This article was written by, Aurore Henze ND, for Health Media Star.  Health Media Star is a progressive media company that only promotes companies that practice high, ethical business standards in health and medicine through Health Star certification.  Think your company is good enough to become a Health Star?  Contact HMS and find out!

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^ Skye, D. (2007, July 5). Hemp Food–Much of it Organic–Growing in Popularity. Retrieved March 29, 2019, from https://www.organicconsumers.org/news/hemp-food-much-it-organic-growing-popularity

from: North Country Resource Center (California)

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