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The United States lacks truth in labeling compliance, because of this, Health Media Star has made representing trust-worthy supplement and health companies an absolute priority.

By working closely with the Organic Consumer’s Association, the American and global guardian of true organic and healthy standards.  We protect consumers by utilizing a strict non-MLM policy and research our companies and marketing practices, thoroughly.  If you are not a member of the OCA, we urge you to join today and support this important cause and effort.

We promote companies in just some of these ways:

Connecting companies with major industry leaders such as Whole Foods and Better Health Companies.

  • Public Relations: creating and promoting through press releases to major news networks.

  • Offering 100% censorship free multi-media marketing (keep in mind that Google, Facebook and other Social Media outlets algorithms censor most health information and articles.)

  • Interviews, stories, research and videos and non-compete clauses for our sponsorship campaigns.

  • Live reviews, private or public sponsorship packages and web wide reviews across Social Media.

  • Comprehensive SEO, top page of Google and search engine placement, multi -city pop up.

  • The terms “wellness,” “healthy,” and “natural” can mean virtually, nothing.  If you are a company looking for American distribution in health and wellness or are looking to launch your product on a wider, more effective and powerful scale by choosing our organic multi-media promotional platform, please take a look over this information and statistics to see if you meet our stringent criteria.

    • U.S. sales of certified organic products reached $50 billion in 2017, amounting to more than 5 percent of all grocery store sales.

    • The global market for organics is worth $90 billion USD, according to the 2018 edition of the study “The World of Organic Agriculture,” published by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International.

    • Consumer demand for organic products is increasing, 178 countries report organic farming activities.

    • As the U.S. organic sector shatters records each year, it is vitally important to safeguard organic standards, preventing large corporations which are buying up organic brands and weakening and manipulating already low USDA organic standards.

    • A study of 4,000 “eco-friendly” consumer products found that 98% of them make false or misleading claims. The study, presented to Congress by the environmental consulting firm TerraChoice, found rampant greenwashing in every product category. 22% of the products that featured an environmental badge, or “green label,” was actually meaningless.

    • Regarding Skincare and Cosmetics: The OCA’s Coming Clean Campaign has been working to clean up the “organic” cosmetics industry since 2004. Unlike organic foods, many health and beauty products are falsely labeled as “organic“.

      Look for the USDA organic seal on personal care products that claim to be organic. If it doesn’t have the seal, read the ingredient label to find out how many ingredients are truly organic and how many are synthetic.

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