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Health Media Star works closely with FAN, a national non-profit that focuses on fighting the opiate epidemic.

We developed the “Fight the Pain” campaign, as the medical arm of the opiate resistance community to both welcome and educate doctors on anti-opiate protocols as set forth by the local governments and the White House.

HMS follows the stringent health standards as set forth by the following organizations such as:

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

The World Health Organization (WHO)

and trust-worthy and powerful consumer watch organizations that protect “truth in labeling” standards like:

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

Are Your Ready to Join the Fight the Pain Campaign?

These are just some of the service we offer to our Fight the Pain Community Members:

Connecting professionals in healthcare with major industry leaders and providing vast SEO, unique networks.

  • Creating and promoting through press releases to major news networks.

  • Offering 100% censorship free multi-media marketing (keep in mind that Google, Facebook and other Social Media outlets algorithms censor most health information and articles.)

  • Interviews, stories, research and videos and non-compete clauses for our sponsorship campaigns.

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  • The Fight the Pain Campaign was developed by Health Media Star in collaboration with Judge Linda Davis of FAN (a national organization to decriminalize addiction, support families and stop the opiate epidemic) to educate, support and honor medical professionals in our community that are fighting to stop the epidemic as well.

    Aurore Henze of Health Media Star has completed a series of interviews with Judge Linda Davis of FAN, detailing how to prevent, fight and stop the opiate epidemic, complete articles and videos of this subject available here and on the HMS youtube channel- subscribe today and share!”

    In 2015, the U.S. government pushed for the medical community to limit prescriptions to opiates.  Instead of helping the problem, it’s catapulted the heroin epidemic.  Latest statistics show that someone dies from opiate addiction/overdose every 9 seconds!  This year Judge Linda Davis, creator of FAN, has met with the White House, the Governor of Michigan and the CEO of Beaumont hospital to create an emergency, comprehensive protocol to save lives.  The FIGHT THE PAIN campaign, is the medical arm that is asking the medical community to step up, raise the standard- and help change the future.

    This initiative is a 2 fold approach:

    1. Give individuals in healthcare and businesses the tools to recognize, prevent and even change the epidemic.

    2. Honor and promote those individuals that have joined the Fight the Pain Campaign and become FANstar approved.

    Q and A:

    How do I Join the FTP Initiative?

    Contact us through this website, we will put you in touch with the appropriate individuals and email you a packet of information of what the simple steps are in this process.

    What does it mean to join the FIGHT the PAIN Campaign and become approved?

    If you are a medical doctor or business owner, this mean’s a FTP rep will meet with you individually in person or through skype. If you decide to join FTP Campaign, who will be listed on the new site, through FAN and through our media sponsor HOUR Magazine. You will have the opportunity to be on the Health Star show, be honored at the annual FAN fundraiser and recognized through social media and leading national magazines and TV stations.

    What if I want to be a sponsor?

    Sponsor’s are needed! Monetary donations are welcomed to help with this project. Contact us here!

  • What is involved with the education?

    You will be contacted no more than a few times a year with emails about updates in the community about opiate awareness, new government guidelines, pain alternatives, events and opportunities.

  • I have a busy practice, how much time is this going to take?

    Not long at all! A short interview, a few emails and opportunities to participate or not is all that is required. We are looking for committed, ethical people that care.  Ask about incentives, as some of the protocols are very lucrative and simple for medical doctors to put in place! Of course, any participation will get a warm reception from the community, peers and patients.

  • Here is a partial list of Doctor’s and businesses that have already joined this effort:

    fightthepainDr. Diana Nadeau, MD, physiatrist: Switching Chronic Pain Patients from Opiates to Cannabis, the Initiative.

    Dr. Ami Mac, MD, physiatrist, of Kure Pain- Novi: Utilizing Pain Alternatives Beyond Opiates

    Ken Seawell, Managing Partner, Sandler Training- Troy: White Collar Addiction: Learning Proper Pathways to Cope with Workplace Anxiety.

    Judge Linda Davis, Macomb County Drug Court, Founder of FAN-Mount Clemens: A National Initiative to Provide Support to Families Suffering from a Loved One’s Addiction.

    All Season’s Retirement Communities of Michigan: Managing Pain Alternatives in the Elderly Population

    Dr. Kirby  Perrault,Okemos, MI

    Dr. Daniel Judge, Birmingham, MI

    Axia Essentials, Los Angeles, CA – Enzymes for alternative pain relief

    Anti-Opiate Articles and Providers

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