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What is Health Media Star?  FAQ

HHealth Media Star, is a health marketing PR company that launches ethical companies and gets them out of search engine censorship.  Health media is unique and has different types of SEO requirements to get companies out of censorship or keep them from being censored.  Health media, even through paid advertising, can be censored up to 60%.

When a company cannot be found on the web, this hurts their brand recognition, their reputation and their potential ROI, thus resulting in immeasurable losses. Companies simply cannot afford not to take these important steps toward success.

What About the HMS Censorship Free Guarantee?

Here at HMS we offer a censorship free guarantee, only to companies that use our complete business launch program: web development, PR and social media package, we call it the BLT, business launch trinity.  We offer this, only, during the time we work actively with certified companies, providing they are up to date on their Health Star certification dues.  Health Star companies will get an end of the year assessment, from the time they signed on the previous year, with an invoice to continue on with certification for another year and/or an invoice to complete needed changes.

BLT Comes First, Then Network Connects

Successful business launch or relaunch can take 3-6 months, depending on company size, brand details and whether or not there is a pre-launch.  SEO takes months to build but with our successful formula and methods, we provide a rock solid foundation which is virtually immovable. We strongly recommend that companies refrain from seeking out sales and retailers until this process has been completed. By the beginning of the third month, after the BLT has been properly developed, HMS starts the process of contacting companies in our network on our companies behalf,  HMS has over 3k retailers and companies in our vast business network, only a few are represented on our site hub at any given time.  With that said, HMS, with all Health Star certification, will contact and connect you with 3 relevant companies on your behalf, within the first two weeks of sign up, providing the company has a working website / landing page with a proper SSL certificate attached.

What Happens After the BLT Completion?  

After the BLT is completed, we offer maintenance programs at Health Star prices, companies enjoy up to half the price of other PR companies in the industry.  This means HMS can move towards taking over your Social Media- both completely and partially.  Smaller companies enjoy our 3 day a week maintenance package, we also offer 7 days a week, with your choice of 1-5 media platform build.  Other programs that we offer maintenance on is our website updates which are paid quarterly or yearly and business PR maintenance (we cover your companies updates, events and newsletters) paid monthly or yearly.

This is the best way, to keep your company out of censorship and at the top of Google and search results.

HMS Piggy Back Web Program

We offer a piggy back program where HMS will work along with a Health Star company’s web developers and social media companies for a reduced rate.  We cannot control or guarantee that the web developers will implement our recommendations, make the suggested changes or comply. Through our own assessments: tracking our SEO video, tracking MOZ ratings and/or YOAST and other calibrations for SEO, we send bi-weekly reports that companies can share with their web developers and/or make the changes themselves.

If a company gives us permission, we work directly with developers and SEO companies on a consultant basis, this is often a flat rate of $500.  It has been our experience that because of the uniqueness and competition in health media and reticence of web developers to make needed changes , doing it this way, may delay SEO results considerably, as much as an additional 6 months and may or may not take a company out of censorship.  Because of this, HMS cannot offer a censorship guarantee with its piggy back program. In this case, working with a progressive and flexible web development company is key.

What is Health Media Star, the Website?

Our website, is a media hub, that collects and creates data from all over the web for Health Star certified companies.  We like to think of this as the “Mother Ship” for the BLT.  Companies drop off and are added week after week and our SEO changes regularly. The HMS website is NOT an e-commerce site, we DO NOT sell to the public, it is strictly a B2B platform / portfolio meant to showcase networks of healthcare companies we create. The SEO of our site is not a reflection of your site, similarly, our social media is set up in a certain way for government compliance and for B2B.

If you have a retail or e-commerce site, your company will be branded, designed and launched as such. This is through our team of branding experts that understand the requirements, audience and keywords specifically for your B2C platform.  Companies you are networked with on our site are monitored, so that your SEO is not adversely affected. The biggest deciding factor in the censorship of your company, is your own site development and SEO.  HMS merely adds to that strong foundation by building your brand across the web, or as previously mentioned, we can create that strong foundation for you.

Why is HMS Website Set Up the Way it is?

HMS is built entirely around ethics and truth in labeling standards.  HMS is set up specifically in strict compliance with White House and government standards, HMS works with government agencies and non-profits such as The Organic Consumers Association and the Truth in Labeling Association.  Our anti-opiate platform, Fight the Pain, encourages doctors to follow government recommendations both at local and federal levels. This is to fight addiction and also place our companies that qualify in front of the correct health centered audience.

An example of this:  a Health Star company had a recall, which effected our SEO and a network.  We continually run assessments on companies and watch their SEO and remove and add companies, this helps both our Health Star companies (as they understand their links are being consistently maintained) and federal agencies and larger companies that monitor our standards.  In this case, we needed to remove all of those links off of our site and network.  * NOTE: sometimes, we choose to keep companies on our networks, to benefit our Health Stars, this is done complimentary, such as recently adding Amazon, which has an amazing 90% SEO rate.  We make those decisions on our own discretion based on our assessments and needs of our Health Stars.

Find out more about owner of HMS and author, Aurore Henze, ND


In a Nutshell- Health Media Star is:

1) Set up to promote Government standards and compliance in truth in labeling.

2) A media showcase agency, that promotes collections/networks of health companies working along with HMS standards.

3) A business development firm with capabilities on all areas of launch, including, extensive email marketing with a 38% opening rate!


Health Star Certification is:

1) Verifying health companies ethical standards

2) Monitoring of verified companies, SEO, notifying- through OUR SITE

3) Promoting these companies on our OWN platforms, social media, site- to our 80k audience.


Health Star BLT is:

1) Impressive website foundation, SEO compliant, for HEALTHCARE  – linked

2) Powerful Social Media presence, foundation- brand reflective, categorized, for HEALTHCARE – linked

3) Strong PR program: endorsements, articles, videos, promotions, content, events, interviews, network connects. – linked


Health Star Maintenance Programs:

1) Monitor YOUR social media, web presence, updates- ON YOUR BEHALF

2) Respond, post, create content, design, categorize, update- your website, PR and social media, ON YOUR BEHALF.

3) Growing your social media and network for ROI, with keyword, SEO, geo specific tracking.


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About the Author:

Founder of Michigan Health Star / Media Star divisions of Health Star Media, LLC. Aurore Henze has worked in both the natural health and medical community for over 20 years. She has written 6 books on body mind health, has been published in highly respected media sources and is a national spokesperson for natural pain relief methods, partnering with Judge Linda Davis of FAN, local government and the White House. Aurore Henze has fought for higher standards in health care and is highly respected in both industries. She is currently working on her non-profit the Medical Human Rights Association, to help victims of medical ethic violations and promote trust-worthy and progressive doctors and surgeons. Because of her vast network of industry movers and shakers coupled with her comprehensive knowledge and experience- she is leading the fight and remains a powerful force in national and global healthcare, second only to the Organic Consumers Association.

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