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Luxury Email Marketing:  Connecting to Your Geo-Specific Audience

Did you know successful email marketing is one of the greatest strategies for your business you can use?  Mail Chimp, is a customer favorite but that only works if customers you already have opt in and subscribe and it is also easily blocked with filters.

What if you had access to a Luxury Email Marketing platform, with it’s own servers and had vast capabilities of both B2B and B2C on local and national levels?  Media Star has created this entire platform – be apart of the future of SEO on-line marketing.

We are excited to bring you a new level email marketing.

In our continued effort to give our companies, everything they need to be competitive and lucrative, we’ve connected our local media company, Media Star, a division of Health Media Star with a powerful investment company  We can offer a categorized, geo-specific, highly successful email marketing model to our companies and the money to get to where they need to go….

Just Look:

  • Email marketing can have as high as a 36% email opening rate

  • Get your business incentives out to thousands- no MILLIONS of potential consumers/businesses.

  • We work with Charities, Hospitals, Churches and all types of businesses

Let’s look at the numbers from our Social Media:

Detroit Media Email marketing

It’s easy to see that even in the lowest possible scenario, with only 1-2% usage the ROI is exponential and significant.

Now let’s look at other success driven results from a client that had a higher usage rate of 30%.

DMS email marketing

What does our LUXURY EMAIL MARKETING platform look like?

  • The top of Google SEO showcase video option.

  • Your choice of geo specific – category based audiences.

  • Packages for bulk email placement.

  • Quality email with active links: to your site, discount and more information!

We provide you with this sample page here.

HMS and Media Star cannot guarantee how many will open and use the gifts of appreciation- statistically, compelling email marketing, has the propensity to bring in exponential ROI without having to drowned out or dumb down the brand as is the case with other discount platforms like Groupon.

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