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Email Marketing Campaign: With Your Email Marketing Package You Get Valuable Back Links, SEO and Front Page of Google Placement.

You may think that your health business isn’t a right fit for email marketing, we have gone through tremendous lengths to create perfect email marketing designs and platforms to fit our Health Star’s needs.  Your not sending out “coupons” you are sending gifts and invitations, either to your employees or potential clients.  We find the sweet spot in between compelling and interesting information alongside professional and formal information that, gets the word out without dragging your brand down.

Here’s a Walk Through:

We design compelling email header and email flyer for your company, using your tagline, vector images and website information, like these below:

Email Header by HMS

email flyer

We make an SEO ranking 30 second video to accompany your email, rank your company and provide a back link.

We also design and create content for a unique SEO compliant web page for your company on our hub, with active back links and a mini i-frame site- connected to your site, ours and the email, like this sample below:

We email according to your package choice: 3 to 6 month email packages, your choice of how many go out…

  • Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisers, B2B Segment: Luxury Email Marketing– these are handled by HMS and DMS, because of advertising restrictions for these professions, we send eye catching articles and gifts of appreciation without selling and overt advertising. 10k-50k of emails to local, keyword relevant, potential clientele sent a detailed showcase of your company four times a quarter.
  • All other companies will qualify for our SEO email marketing to the general public, we create and promote your advertising, website to a broader base as above, to your choice of zip codes, to your pin-point audience selection.

and just to remind you, here are some email projections:

DMS email marketing

Detroit Media Email marketing

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Start sharing your business with thousands of interested, hand picked customers, patients and followers today!

HMS, Partners and Sponsors and Detroit Media Star cannot guarantee how many will open and use the gifts of appreciation- statistically, compelling email marketing, has the propensity to bring in exponential ROI without having to drowned out or dumb down the brand as is the case with other discount platforms like Groupon.

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