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I first started driving out to East Lansing 15 years ago, to see a unique and highly recommended doctor of osteopathy.  In 2018, I’m still driving over an hour away to find the most comprehensive and State of the Art healthcare choices in Michigan.  My visit to Mid-Michigan is never complete without a walk through the beloved, Foods for Living, the East Lansing health food icon.  Then, there are a myriad of alternative health centers to check out and not to mention, the allopathic medical community. Each facility and practitioner more interesting and ground-breaking than the other. I can’t find anywhere else in Michigan, that offers so much quality care in one area.

I was surprised to find a Whole Foods in Lansing now.  It’s been a long time coming for sure, but my health experiences in the Mid-Michigan area have always been based on small town business values and trust.  In 2010, I did a story on the East Lansing co-op movement and I found people coming from everywhere to contribute to this project located South of Grand River, down the street from Foods for Living.  I was grateful on my recent trip, to find Foods for Living still thriving. I picked up some hard to find staples such as: food-grade hydrogen peroxide, sound infused Kombucha and 100% hand knitted wool gloves.

After Foods for Living, I visited a progressive Okemos chiropractor, that offers treatments unmatched throughout the entire State. Dr. Kirby Perrault, of Okemos Family Chiropractic, is not a typical chiropractor. He utilizes the safest techniques alongside nutrition and spends a good deal of his time educating the community in his corporate outreach program His gentle approach with the integrator, laser machines and most importantly, to me, brand new, digital x-ray equipment to keep his patients safe, really impressed me.  After spending a few minutes on the PEMF machine and getting my adjustment, I bought a great wobble seat for my hip pain. Something I have never seen before and have been using at home.

On the medical end, I had the chance to visit with highly specialized physical therapist, Dr. Karen Litos, the founder of the national women’s movement called, No Mom Left Behind.” Dr. Litos makes women’s health and lives her business. She is one of the few practitioner’s in the State of Michigan that offers a complete clinic and practice devoted to women’s pelvic health and pain.  After suffering from an injury from childbirth herself, she decided to create a compassionate practice at a fair price to help women with pelvic disorders, many childbirth related. She is a board-certified women’s health clinician and speaks regularly as a woman’s advocate and educator. She spoke candidly about her mission to help women, fully understanding she could indeed, charge three times the price for her services but keeps her prices low to help the most women possible.

Mid-Michigan has proven to be the place to go for true, cutting-edge “health tourism.”  There is something here for everyone and it’s refreshing to see so many medical doctors, alternative practitioners and the health community in general, all working together for the common good.  Lansing is the integrative, healthy place to be!

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Founder of Michigan Health Star / Media Star divisions of Health Star Media, LLC. Aurore Henze has worked in both the natural health and medical community for over 20 years. She has written 6 books on body mind health, has been published in highly respected media sources and is a national spokesperson for natural pain relief methods, partnering with Judge Linda Davis of FAN, local government and the White House. Aurore Henze has fought for higher standards in health care and is highly respected in both industries. She is currently working on her non-profit the Medical Human Rights Association, to help victims of medical ethic violations and promote trust-worthy and progressive doctors and surgeons. Because of her vast network of industry movers and shakers coupled with her comprehensive knowledge and experience- she is leading the fight and remains a powerful force in national and global healthcare, second only to the Organic Consumers Association.

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