Health Media Star at the Joseph Still Burn Center

What an honor to fly out with our sponsor, Theresienol MD to the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, GA.  The Still Burn Center is one of the leading burn centers in the world and they have the top burn doctors and surgeons in the country, such as Dr. Fagen and Dr. Mullins.

We spent the day learning about new technologies to help heal burns and Theresienol MD presented a slide show and case studies on how their amazing 650 year old formula reduces burn healing time in some cases up to 50% and also produces little to no scarring.

Dubbed the “Austrian Miracle” this product has been used in European hospitals for the last ten years.  We are proud to be apart of their launch here in the United States and to stand behind a company that truly does what it claims and practices ethical truth in labeling protocols.

Who Can Use the MD Line?

Health care professionals like: dermatologists, plastic surgeons and others in the skin and healthcare industry.

Would you like to know more about this amazing company?

Check out their websites and information below.

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Founder of Michigan Health Star / Media Star divisions of Health Star Media, LLC. Aurore Henze has worked in both the natural health and medical community for over 20 years. She has written 6 books on body mind health, has been published in highly respected media sources and is a national spokesperson for natural pain relief methods, partnering with Judge Linda Davis of FAN, local government and the White House. Aurore Henze has fought for higher standards in health care and is highly respected in both industries. She is currently working on her non-profit the Medical Human Rights Association, to help victims of medical ethic violations and promote trust-worthy and progressive doctors and surgeons. Because of her vast network of industry movers and shakers coupled with her comprehensive knowledge and experience- she is leading the fight and remains a powerful force in national and global healthcare, second only to the Organic Consumers Association.

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