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Many people have lost their trust in the medical community because of issues with dangerous pharmaceuticals, medical devices and not enough informed consent. Health Media Star is one of the only monitoring organizations, by partnering the with soon to be non-profit, The Medical Human Rights Association, to feature ethical doctors that are highly skilled in their field and truly stand apart from the rest.

Here is a partial list of just some of the programs we offer to our sponsors:

Connecting companies and healthcare professionals with industry leaders .

  • Creating and promoting through press releases to major news networks.

  • Offering 100% censorship free multi-media marketing providing you use our complete program  (keep in mind that Google, Facebook and other Social Media outlets algorithms censor most health information and articles.)

  • Interviews, stories, research and videos and non-compete clauses for our sponsorship campaigns.

  • Live reviews, private or public sponsorship packages and web wide reviews across Social Media.

  • Comprehensive SEO, top page of Google and search engine placement, multi-city pop up.

  • Did you know Aurore Henze, CEO of Health Media Star is also the founder and president of the MEDICAL HUMAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION, a watchdog organization and soon to be non-profit. Get updated information on trust worthy doctors, ethical health choices and health ethics violations across the United States.

    Medical Human Rights is on both Twitter and Facebook.

    We are currently looking for ethical doctors willing to take a stand and raise the standard of ethics in medicine throughout the United States.  The non-profit provides an olive branch to a scorned medical culture and allocates funds for victims of malpractice and medical injuries from pharmaceuticals, surgeries and medical devices.

    Do you want to join the campaign and MHRA?  Take a look at some of our criteria below:

    Promotion of outstanding medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy and other in the healthcare industry truly making a difference.

  • Doctors that adhere to the Hippocratic Oath.

  • Surgeons willing to donate time or surgery to help victims, such as those waiting to explant breast implants that are making them sick, removal of controversial devices such as mesh, IUDs and Essure and providing help or care for patients stuck in the middle of the system with no where else to go.

  • Doctors or medical community professionals taking a stand against the opiate epidemic, have also joined the “Fight the Pain” campaign.

  • Medical doctors that focus on informed consent and educating their patients and public about health, prevention and help, beyond just surgery and pharmaceutical usage.

  • Doctors looking to differentiate themselves and promote their work, let’s face it when researching “good” doctors on-line we only get to see how long was the waiting room wait and grades that don’t necessarily take ethics into account.  The MHRA absolutely does.

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