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Aurore Henze, ND

 Author, Media Host & Investigative Health Journalist

When people invest in our cross-market, organic SEO program for their business, they invest in Health Star Media’s reputable and powerful network and outstanding reputation- which is irreplaceable and virtually impossible to replicate

Small businesses put too much value and trust in social media, not understanding that with the new algorithms,even with paid advertising, only 1 out of 1,500 become visible to their selected audience. Most content is censored, especially in regards to health, the new frontier is in quality endorsed advertising through the web in the form of cross-market multi media organic growth.

Health Media Star
  • SEO is changing everyday, many companies don’t research what their current companies are doing for them and blindly
  • Not seeing a return of investment is a tell tale sign that your web campaign isn’t working any more.
  • By 2020 80% of web traffic and Social Media will be video.

Being an ethical, progressive business and building your web presence organically and uncensored on the web with valuable third party endorsement is the most effective way to grow your business, attain web dominance in your field and increase visibility. This is what we do at Health Star Media, we give quality businesses the spotlight they rightfully deserve.

What We Do:
We only work with the most ethical, researched and respected companies and have very strict standards, contact us to see if your company meets our criteria for:

  • Web Placement- Google First Page, SEO, comprehensive cross-market business development.
  • Third Party Endorsement- From a published author and industry leader.
  • Multi-Media Publishing- Articles, Press Releases, Videos and Web Reviews.
  • Network Connections- Connect to high profile businesses and industry executives.
  • Location Promotion- Geographical placement following trends; local, national and international.

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We give quality businesses the spotlight they rightfully deserve.


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