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HEALTH MEDIA STAR is raising the standard of healthcare and making the world a healthier and safer place.

The invaluable HEALTH STAR certification stands for both quality and ethic; it builds consumer trust, brand recognition and makes your company stand out from the rest!

Health Star sponsors enjoy being recognized as Health Star endorsed and are meticulously vetted by our team of doctors and attorneys for quality and ethics.  Health Media Star’s powerful and unparalleled reputation is based on our commitment to help fight and stop the opiate epidemic and following stringent health standards as set forth by the United States Government by complying with national and international organizations such as:

The System for Award Management SAM

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

The World Health Organization (WHO)

Local and Federal Government Guidelines as enforced and recommended through FAN.

and trust-worthy and powerful consumer watch organizations like:

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

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These Incredible Health Stars Are Changing the World…..

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These Incredible Health Stars Are Changing the World…..

  • The Austrian Miracle

    Health Media Star and Theresienol MD in Augusta, GA at the Joseph Still Burn Center

    What an honor to fly out with our sponsor, Theresienol MD to the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, GA.  The Still Burn Center is one of the leading burn centers in the world and they have the top burn doctors and [...]

  • Health and Beauty

    Michigan Salon is Making Big Changes in Health

    Dervisa Babacic was a successful hair stylist whose life and career almost ended by doing the very thing she loved to do. “At first it was a rash,” explains Dervisa, “or what the doctor called eczema, then hormone imbalances, respiratory issues and increased fatigue. I [...]

  • Raise the Standard of Health

    New Healthcare Insurance Model | Michigan | Atlas Copco

    Changes are taking place in the insurance sphere. More Michiganders are choosing direct primary-care medicine, auditing companies are fighting insurance corruption and some mammoth corporations are putting employees first by reimbursing left over insurance expenses. Michigan is at the forefront of [...]


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