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MEDIA STAR: a unique Consult, PR and business development firm that’s raising the standard of healthcare and making the world a healthier, safer place. 

The invaluable HEALTH STAR endorsement stands for quality, ethics and integrity; it builds consumer trust, brand recognition and makes your company stand out from the rest!

We Just Don’t Take “Any” Company…..

Companies are meticulously vetted by our team for both quality and ethics.  Media Star’s powerful and unparalleled reputation is based on our commitment to working with watchdog non-profit’s such a TINA, which protects consumers and honors truth in labeling laws.  Our Health Star division fights hard to stop he opiate epidemic by holding healthcare providers responsible and encouraging them to follow stringent health standards as set forth by the United States Government by complying with national and international organizations, click here for more information.

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Our Mission

We give quality businesses the spotlight they rightfully deserve.

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These Incredible Health Stars Are Changing the World…..

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    Progressive Eye Doctors in Michigan

    I remember when radial keratotomy surgery became popular in the late ‘80s. It was something mysterious to most us, like an urban legend. I had heard of people getting the surgery but I didn’t actually know anyone. In the late [...]

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    Last winter, Kate Brancheau of Foundations Recovery invited me to fly to Georgia and take a personalized tour of its beautiful, state-of-the-art addiction facility with Macomb County District Judge Linda Davis, the creator of Families Against Narcotics (FAN). Judge Davis and My Life Recovery [...]

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